NOW AVAILABLE: School Transportation Law,
a Guide for Connecticut
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Below is a list of documents that you can print or download to your computer. Just click on the document you need to bring it up. Each document title is followed by the program application for the file, and the file name suffix. If you have the same software program in your computer, (e.g. MS Word) it will open automatically. If not, you will get a dialog box asking you which application to use to open the file.

If you have a problem, try this procedure:
1. Right click on the title.
2. From the drop-down box, choose Save Target As.
3. Rename the file, without the suffix.
4. In the Save as File Type box, choose the proper application (e.g. WordPerfect) or All File Types.
5. Open your application.
6. From within the application, click File, Open and find the file you just saved. It should convert properly.

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