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Reserve ID #1 Operation Safe Stop 8:00 NO Provides a compilation of new coverage from New York and Connecticut on the event. Explains the stop on signal law.
Reserve ID #9 And Then It Happened 18:58 NO Illustrates the events leading up to a school bus accident and asks the viewer to try to identify those students who will cause the accident beforehand. Emphasizes that school bus conduct is one of the major causes of accidents.
Reserve ID #7 Always Expect A Train 15:00 NO Depicts dangerous behaviors at railroad crossings to demonstrate accident potential of ignoring warning signals at RR crossings. Developed by US DOT and Operation Lifesaver.
Reserve ID #8 A Matter of Time 10:00 NO Explains the various things that can happen if a driver's attention is diverted for only a few seconds. Demonstrates how accidents are caused as viewers watch through the windshield of "their" vehicle. Good for use at safety meetings.
Reserve ID #6 Alcohol And The Commercial Driver Alcohol and the Commercial 12:03 NO Shows school bus driver making his way around a serpentine course both before and after taking a few drinks. Describes the effect of alcohol on reaction time and braking time.
Reserve ID #10 Are You Ready? 18:00 YES Creates an awareness of the unforeseen, seemingly incidental events which can lead to an emergency situation requiring students to evacuate a bus if and when the driver is injured.
Reserve ID #11 Assertive Discipline For Bus Drivers 50:00 YES Presents a behavior management system that prepares drivers to avoid and control the discipline problems on the school bus. (Includes 2 Videos)
Reserve ID #12 Backing 6:52 YES Offers tips for instructing drivers on how to be more aware of what's going on behind them. Case studies emphasize accident prevention techniques.
Reserve ID #13 Basic Driving Skills 19:00 NO Demonstrates proper choke usage, clutch and brake operations, correct procedures for making right and left turns, backing, using mirrors and more.
Reserve ID #14 Coaching The School Bus Driver 7:00 NO Discusses methods for preventing school bus accidents at railroad crossing from the perspectives of a school bus driver and a railroad engineer.





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