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Reserve ID #15 Driver Awareness 3:34 NO Demonstrates 35 different traffic scenes. Viewers evaluate whether the proper action was taken in varying circumstances. (Includes 2 videos)
Reserve ID #16 Driver First Aid 18:31 NO Addresses the daily minor injuries of riders, such as bumps, cuts, and insect bites, that a school bus driver faces.
Reserve ID #17 Driving The Activities Bus 14:10 NO Assists the driver in understanding the added responsibilities and the planning requirements for activity bus operations.
Reserve ID #18 Emergency Evacuation 13:49 NO Explains the driver's responsibilities during an emergency evacuation, including the procedures to be used with pop-out windows and roof escape hatches.
Reserve ID #19 Following Distance 6:13 YES Emphasizes the importance of establishing and maintaining a proper following distance when driving a school bus. Discusses the differences between buses and cars.
Reserve ID #20 Air Brakes Test 35:00 NO Assists the driver in preparing for the written CDL Air Brakes Test by explaining various safety concepts and reviewing sample test questions.
Reserve ID #21 Because 27:00 NO Explains techniques for improving how drivers conduct the pre-trip, trip and post-trip inspections according to CDL requirements.
Reserve ID #22 Communication - It's Not Just Talk - Part 1 - "Foundation of 14:00 YES Explains techniques for improving school bus drivers' communication skills by examining three areas of importance "Foundation of Communication" discusses problems that lead to misunderstandings.
Reserve ID #23 Crossing The Tracks To School And Back Safely 7:00 NO Discusses methods for preventing school bus accidents at railroad crossing from the perspectives of a school bus driver and a railroad engineer.
Reserve ID #24 For You - The Veteran School Bus Driver 27:00 NO Examines strengths and weaknesses of a veteran driver, including route hypnosis, lazy eyes, and concentration. Emphasizes the necessity of correcting bad habits and the importance of ongoing safety training.
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